sweet ass paterson!!
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Stephanie. Bassist. Graphic Arts Specialist and Cat lover! I'm a very chilled person but I have my moments and thats okay. I have the greatest friends and I've met the coolest people and without each and everyone of them I honestly wouldn't be where I am today! So thank you everyone <3

I just feel like one of my other mother figures just let me go. I don’t feel like I mean as much to her anymore and I don’t know how to handle this…

I just want to leave the east coast as soon as school is done.

everyone and everything here is done with me.

At least I’ll get one last good kick before I go.

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So there is a convention that is happening this weekend that i really wanted to go to and I had asked my friends who I cosplayed with that we should look into going and sadly they never got back with me to make plans. 

Now i find out that they are going and they made this decision a couple days ago.

I just got sorta invited today.

and now it’s way too late to request time off to go.

I really don’t know how I should feel about this at this point.

I’m probably more disappointed in myself then them because I allow shit like this to just happen to me and for me not to speak to them about it.


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I remember catching fireflies when I was little, I never kept them in a jar cause I didn’t want to hurt them. I do remember catching them in butterfly nets, only slightly better then jars in the aspect that it offers the little bulby bugs a way out. I think back on those times a lot more now a days then I used to only for the reason that maybe I was all those fireflies, or maybe I perceive myself like them. The only downside is there will never be a net big enough to fit all the fireflies in the world and there in lies the parts of me that escape and are either hiding away or gone forever.

The catcher of the flies is the part of humanity that have lost all desire to enjoy the beauty of watching the glistening and the twinkling of each lightning bug.

The net is the crossroad to which we allow those who take out joy or we don’t.

As hard as it is right now, I have to believe this is not what will be the remaining chapter of life. I’ve got to believe this is here only so that I can learn from it and finally I have to believe that this too shall pass.

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I told them no.

I am beyond excited. This is a chance I get to spend with some of the most incredible people I have ever met and nothing is going to change that. Money is not important, I have a job and i will get every cent back, I already have started but like I said, I’d rather spend this time with the people that I love. Money isn’t important, family is and I can not wait to see them again! 

Nevada, I’m coming home. <3

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my love for disney is immeasurable and working there again would honestly be the most fantastic experience imaginable but due to recent events I would think it wise for me to try again some other time. I will go back to disney but if I were to go now I think a huge part of me would have regret.

In these times, I will not abandon you. 

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she fires probably one of the most highly trained customer service reps which means there is now less reps. I was supposed to be trained for the title 2 months ago but due to wisdom teeth complications it didn’t go through. Well I have repeatedly asked her  for about a month and a half to spare me the training hours so I can have the title. Nope. Still not happening. Alright then Jenn, you wanna hard ball. Go fuck yourself, I’ll get a new one. 

fuck you.

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yeah. what a riot.

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there are reasons for certain people being put in your life. Sometimes you rarely know they’re there. but sometimes you do and the smallest amount of impact they make on your life will help shape you. I surround myself with beautiful and wonderful people and when they leave I always take that little part they gave to me and wear it in  my heart so that when I go and I see them again I can show them what I made of it and how important they were and still are in my life.

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I started writing @chantalclaret a letter before her record release show. Still unfinished. (Taken with Instagram)

One day you’re really gonna wish you told me those secret things because one day I won’t have ears to hear, eyes to see or a mouth to respond.

One day it’s gonna be filled with one of the big R’s.

and it won’t be relief.

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