sweet ass paterson!!
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Stephanie. Bassist. Graphic Arts Specialist and Cat lover! I'm a very chilled person but I have my moments and thats okay. I have the greatest friends and I've met the coolest people and without each and everyone of them I honestly wouldn't be where I am today! So thank you everyone <3

Am I famous enough to sell this and get enough money for some captain crunch?
Editing with this pupil before the wedding. Some students just slack off.
Found a friend. He was hit by a car but he is now in a clinic and doing very well! I think he&#8217;ll pull through!
I didn&#8217;t think I was gonna make over 200 this week. BOOYEAHHHHHHHHH
I call this picture, &#8220;A Pimple and Two Boobs&#8221;.
I&#8217;m literally filled up with so much rage right now. This is why I drink and smoke. Fuck this. Power to the people and friends that don&#8217;t but I couldn&#8217;t do what you do. My appreciation to all my straight edge friends.
The love and appreciation I have for @humalongmarissa and her fanFUCKINGtastic art and creativity is immeasurable!!! You go gurl!!! I am in love with each of these little memories even though I wasn&#8217;t there to be a part of them, your photography makes me feel like I was! Thank you Marissa!!! You can bet more then anything I will always e here to support your art!!!!
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