sweet ass paterson!!
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Stephanie. Bassist. Graphic Arts Specialist and Cat lover! I'm a very chilled person but I have my moments and thats okay. I have the greatest friends and I've met the coolest people and without each and everyone of them I honestly wouldn't be where I am today! So thank you everyone <3

New Instagram for an indefinite due date. Yay for two! Ig: GetThoseFggtsOnTheStage
"Stephanie, what are you doing?"
&#8220;Taking pictures if tiny deers!&#8221;


story for the stars

A long time ago when nothing but pure life roamed the earth, there lived a galaxy of stars. They watched the small planet flourish without them. The beasts on land the monsters in the sea, the greens of the forests and the sands in the desert. One day a star grew tired of watching, anxious to be a part of this new world it fell down to this earth little realizing that once it had touched the ground it had become mortal. The star was no longer a star. It did not stop the mortal, he still wanted to grow into this new world, however the pure life that exisited there did not think the same way. The beasts burdened him on land, he could not go to see the monsters in the sea for they would kill him. He could not find comfort in the forests nor in the deserts. Slowly the mortal died as the stars up above watched. Vengance they sought out, so they each gathered their courage and threw themselves to the earth. When they touched the ground, they turned mortal and found that they could not go back into the sky to be stars. To get back each mortal had to find a new purpose on this earth, one that could unite them all so that they could go back into the sky. Some say that we mortals can not unite and are doomed to dwell on the earth forever with the beasts and the monsters. Some say we are the lost galaxy hopeless to return to our home. I believe we are far from home but moving closer. Never stop reaching.

There are power in words but even greater magic in stories.

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I&#8217;m getting better at this! :)
Goodnight my loves. Happy Nightmares Await!
No big deal, right? WRONG!!!
"When in doubt, freak em out." -Sharon Needles
Just the beginning. @msi why did you leave me in NYC?! Now I must wreck havoc on this poor poor city.
I so changed my min about how I want to play my Lady Thor. Much easier and WAY DAMN COOLER!!!
"Woman of my dreams, ey yo, what&#8217;s yer name pretty thang. Meoowwwwww"
Someone give me another show to go to so you won&#8217;t have to see my ugly mug on instagrammmm.

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