sweet ass paterson!!
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Stephanie. Bassist. Graphic Arts Specialist and Cat lover! I'm a very chilled person but I have my moments and thats okay. I have the greatest friends and I've met the coolest people and without each and everyone of them I honestly wouldn't be where I am today! So thank you everyone <3

When a high schooler comes in bragging about the size of the condoms they are buying, there is just one thing on my mind.

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She is quite literally my patronous.
"Just get the essentials."
Bored at werk.
Here&#8217;s your Beetles&#8217;s song right here pal!
Check out my new pad!
Is that #quentintarantino? No that&#8217;s just baby me!
71 days until #halloween!
And she would burn brighter then the stars and hotter then the sun. She would swim across the galaxies counting the stars as pearls on silver thread. She would dive into the deepest oceans and collect the bubbles like diamonds across her skin. She would truly see the world so long as her flame burned on.
First glimpse of drag I saw was by Robin Williams. I&#8217;ll miss ya dude, along with the rest of the world.
They watch me sleep every night. #CreepinItReal
Looking in windows,
knocking on doors&#8230;
They need to take seven
and they might take yours&#8230;
I would like to take a minute to show off my talented friend&#8217;s beautiful work!!!! @wendyle1990 this will always put a smile on my face. #GOTG #guardiansofthegalaxy #marvel #groot #dancinggroot
Nothing beats it. 💚💜 thank you Eddie!!!!