sweet ass paterson!!
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Stephanie. Bassist. Graphic Arts Specialist and Cat lover! I'm a very chilled person but I have my moments and thats okay. I have the greatest friends and I've met the coolest people and without each and everyone of them I honestly wouldn't be where I am today! So thank you everyone <3

Stole this from @allymayhem but I just wanted to say that I am insanely proud of her for graduating Paul Mitchell! Jersey Shore!!! She is one of the most incredible and hard working individuals on the face of this planet and deserves every ounce that her dreams offer her! I love you Ally and I am so freakin proud of you!!!!
When someone mentions your favorite band in a negative manner.
Biggy biggy biggy can&#8217;t you see sometimes your words just hypnotize me.

I literally have no social life. I won’t have one for the next year. As much as I love what I’m doing now and investing in my future I literally can not do anything. I can’t go places, I can do things with friends. 

Ughhh I’m permanently stressed. and watching all my friends and family do things that are fun makes me miserable. 

Fuck off seriously. 
This is gonna be the “ehhhhh” part.

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This little lazy lump &lt;3
Rough draft!!! #msi #frankensteinggirl

When a high schooler comes in bragging about the size of the condoms they are buying, there is just one thing on my mind.

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She is quite literally my patronous.
"Just get the essentials."
Bored at werk.
Here&#8217;s your Beetles&#8217;s song right here pal!
Check out my new pad!
Is that #quentintarantino? No that&#8217;s just baby me!
71 days until #halloween!